Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Biography: Brad St. Pierre

Our second post in the series profiling students who have had a primary role in organizing the UBC Mining 2012 Research Trip to Turkey features the second Graduating Class Representative, Brad St. Pierre.

Brad at Musselwhite Mine
Name: Bradley St. Pierre

Bio: Brad was born in Victoria, BC. His father is French Canadian and his mother Norwegian. The family's hometown is Black Creek (Vancouver Island) where Brad grew up. He went to high school in nearby Courteney before going to Waterloo University in Ontario for one year. He then transferred to UBC where he soon started his studies in the Mining Department.

Why He Went Into Mining: "Mining is an industry that requires knowledge and experience over a wide range of technical aspects. The ability to bring together geology, mining engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and mineral processing to work together on a project of enormous scale is really incredible. Mining is a fast-paced and exciting industry that uses the biggest equipment in the world and also has some of the biggest challenges."

Work Experience:
  • Suncor - Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • Teck Coal - Fording River Operations - Elkford, BC
  • Cameco - McArthur River Operations - Northern Saskatchewan
  • Goldcorp - Musselwhite Mine - Nortern Ontario
Future Work: Brad will be working for Kinross (one of our sponsors) as a part of the Generation Gold program.

Travel Experience: United States, Mexico, Cuba

Research Trip Responsibilities: "As graduating class representatives our job is to coordinate the planning and fundraising for our 17 day international research trip to Turkey. This involves electing team leaders for various aspects of the planning process, creating the itinerary, managing international bookings, and obtaining financial sponsorship. Our efforts, and those of our team, have been successful thus far in reaching our fundraising goals, contacting mines, booking accommodations and transportation to the point where we are approximately 80% booked and scheduled."

The UBC Mining 2012 Research Field Trip to Turkey would not be where it is today if not for the efforts of Brad St. Pierre. His self-motivation, perseverance and professionalism have fueled the class as a whole in achieving its goal of going to Turkey to visit mines operating in a different place and culture.

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