Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Biography: Michael Meyers

Mike Meyers is the flights coordinator for the research field trip.

Name: Michael Meyers
Mike at Rabbit Lake

Bio: Mike was born in New Westminster, BC. He was then raised in nearby Port Moody. Following high school he came to the University of British Columbia to study engineering and soon entered the mining program.

Why He Went into Mining: Mike chose Mining Engineering because of the potential for outdoor work, travel and adventure. He also chose Mining because of its fundamental importance to the global economy and the economy of Canada specifically.

Work Experience:
  • Taseko Mines - Gibraltar Mine - Williams Lake, BC
  • Cameco Corporation - Rabbit Lake Mine - Saskatchewan
  • Rio Tinto - Diavik Mine - Northwest Territories
Future Work: Mike, like Brad and Jaylem, will be working for Kinross as part of the Generation Gold program.

Travel Experience: Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Munich, Mexico, Bermuda

Research Trip Responsibilities: Mike was responsible for the investigating the flights required for the research trip. This included researching aspects such as scheduling, costs, flight path, airline choice, security and many other critical considerations.
Mike's organizational skills and travel experience allowed to him to successfully scope the flights requirements of such a large group of travellers. His evaluation of the different possible travel scenarios have allowed the trip to maximize time in Turkey while minimizing travel time and costs.


  1. This is a great posting! Keep it up Ian!

  2. When are we going to see Bryan Strahl? I hear he is a very interesting graduate!