Thursday, 2 February 2012

Biography: Jaylem Manhas

Today we will be starting a series on the students who have been the primary organizers of the research field trip. We will start the series with Jaylem Manhas. He is one of the two Graduating Class Representatives who are the responsible for the organization of the trip. Bradley St. Pierre is the second Graduating Class Representative.
Jaylem in Colombia

Name: Jaylem Manhas 

Bio: Jaylem was born in Nanaimo, BC. His parents are both from India, having both immigrated at an early age. Jaylem was raised in Victoria and attended elementary and high school there. Next, he spent one year at the University of Victoria studying sciences. He then transferred to UBC and into the engineering program. 

Why He Went into Mining: "If you asked me if I wanted to be an mining engineer when I was 18 I would have called you crazy.  Before coming to UBC I was in Sciences at Uvic (Chemistry).  I decided that I needed to pursue something more practical so I came to UBC thinking I would take CHBE.  In my first year I made the effort to get exposed to all disciplines and liked what I saw in mining.  After going to a few information sessions, meeting and hanging out with some students and speaking with professors I decided the mining industry is where I belong." 

Work Experience:
  • Taseko Mines (Gibraltar) - Williams Lake, BC Canada
  • Imperial Metals (Mt Polley) - Williams Lake, BC Canada
  •  Cerrejon Coal (Cerrejon) -  Mushaisa, La Guajira Colombia
  • Teck Coal (Fording River) - Elkford, BC Canada

Future Work: Jaylem will be working for Kinross (one of our sponsors) as part of the Generation Gold program. 

Travel Experience: USA, Mexico, Japan, China, England, France, Italy, Colombia  

Research Trip Responsibilities:
  • Getting students motivated to work together as a group in organizing and planning the field trip
  • Ensuring we are able to raise the funds necessary to make the trip successful
  • Create a timeline and set deadlines for milestones that help us move towards making the trip possible.  Holding students to those deadlines
  • Run the weekly seminar updating students on progress
  • Facilitating students in completing their tasks.  Ex: helping with mine contact, booking flights, etc…
  • Coordinating other graduating activities.  Ex: grad fees, iron ring…

Jaylem's vast work and travel experience is a true asset to the graduating class field trip to Turkey. His organization, determination and problem solving have allowed the field trip planning to progress ahead of schedule and on budget. Jaylem and Bradley have been the root cause of the success of the field trip planning so far.
In the next post in this series, we will profile Bradley St. Pierre, Graduating Class Co-Representative.

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